How To Respond

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Have you seen anything suspicious?

All information on human trafficking and modern slavery is important, no matter how small. If you have seen something suspicious, share it.

Contact the Authorities

IMPORTANT: If you have reason to believe a person is in immediate danger you should call the police first.

If you are concerned that you have witnessed human trafficking, it is essential you report this to the appropriate organization in your country.

Every country is different, the appropriate organization may be:

  • Your local or national police
  • A national trafficking hotline
  • A local or national non-governmental organization (NGO) or civil society organization (CSO)

After you have reported it to them, you can also report or share the information with us. The information you provide will be used by our prevention team to help build a global picture of trafficking.

National Human Trafficking Hotline (U.S)

If you are in the United States, immediately contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline


+1 (888) 373-7888


233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")


24 hours, 7 days a week


English, Spanish and 200 more languages

Report it to Us

Please report any suspected trafficking activity you have witnessed to IGNISER. The data you share will help us build up a global picture of human trafficking. This is an invaluable resource for agencies around the world.

Use our contact form to share the information with us. Your information will be kept confidential.