What We Do

End Human Trafficking.
Igniser :: Igniting Hope and Courage in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

What We Do

IGNISER is devoted to ending human trafficking and modern slavery around the world. We do this by raising awareness, mobilizing individuals and organizations to take action, and building resilience into at-risk communities. Our activities fall into line with the following categories:


We prevent the exploitation of persons by traffickers, their recruiters, and other predators through educational initiatives and providing necessary resources to at-risk persons and communities. We actively explore working relationships with collaborating entities and individuals that provide community education initiatives to help people protect themselves and others from predatory recruiters and traffickers.


By collaborating with law enforcement agencies and other corresponding departments or organizations we rescue victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, removing them from exploitation and into safety.


We partner with organizations to work directly with survivors to overcome trauma and facilitate restoration. Offering a holistic program that focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual restoration, in addition to educational and vocational initiatives to empower survivors on their healing journey and to ultimately reintegrate them with society as a healthy contributing member of their communities.

Social Reform

Affecting lasting change in society through educational and advocacy initiatives. We develop training programs for front-line professionals and law enforcement to help them identify and respond to signs of trafficking, and where necessary advocate for policy change.